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The Basics

Practical Psychiatric Solutions, PLC does not accept commercial insurance. PPS chose this path to minimize the intrusion and control that insurance companies often impose on mental health practitioners.

If you or your family has insurance, you will be provided with a receipt and information to apply for reimbursement.

Initial Telephone Consultation

When you contact PPS, you will be asked to leave a message on our confidential voicemail. After which,
Dr. Henry will contact you directly. You and Dr. Henry will then discuss your concerns about seeking help for your child.

If you are calling regarding Cogmed services, please indicate your interest at that time.

Your First Appointment
If your child or adolescent is scheduled for their first appointment with Dr. Henry, please print, complete, and bring the following forms with you for your first visit:

   ∙ Practical Psychiatric Solutions - New Patient Packet

   Practical Psychiatric Solutions - Youth Background Questionnaire

If you have specific questions about the intial consultation or the evaluation, Dr. Henry will be happy to answer them at the time of your appointment.

And Beyond

All information will remain confidential. Health information cannot be shared unless you provide a release of information to do so.

In some cases, Dr. Henry will suggest further assessment. This may include educational or neuropsychological testing, or assessments by other specialists. In addition, blood work is often ordered prior to starting and/or during the course of medication administration.

As indicated, PPS provides recommendations for accomodations or modifications in academic circumstances.

Useful Links

Below are useful links you may find helpful and informative. PPS values and encourages families to be informed about standards of care, contemporary treatment options, and the process of mutual collaboration to meet the mental health needs of children and their families.
These links are provided as a service. However, PPS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content.

    American Academy of Child &
       Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)
    BrainFacts.Org - Childhood Disorders
     American Academy of Pediatrics:
       Early Brain & Child Development 
    National Institute of Neurological
       Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
    World Health Organization

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