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Welcome to Practical Psychiatric Solutions.

Compassionate. Solutions. Together.

Children actively engage in the world around them. They learn and grow, physically, emotionally, and socially, through the various relationships and experiences in their life.

Sometimes difficulties arise that effect the well-being and growth of children. If these challenges interfere with the child or family's ability to manage from day to day, professional help can make a difference.

Finding support, guidance, and answers, however may be an overwhelming and confusing process. Practical Psychiatric Solutions, PLC (PPS) is here to help.

Mission & Commitment

Practical Psychiatric Solutions is an innovative and solution-focused practice that provides comprehensive, individualized assessment, diagnosis, and treatmnent to children, teens, young adults and families who struggle with developmental, emotional, or behavioral difficulties where knowledge, compassion, and integrity are the cornerstones of care.

PPS is committed to offering best-practice, personalized treatment to children and families that is both caring and cutting-edge.

Thomas B. Henry, MD is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.


PPS offers expertise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various conditions, including some of the following:
    ADHD / ADD *
    Autism Spectrum Disorders *
Developmental Disorders *
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder *
    Tourette's Syndrome & Tic Disorders *
    Anxiety & Panic Disorders
    Child & Adolescent Depression
Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
    Disruptive Behavior Problems
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